Access Rates for Cleanroom

Applicable through December 31, 2022

University of Cincinnati ERC Cleanroom and OCMI Rates
Preferred Rate
External Rate
Access per day per user
$25/day or $250/month
$50/day or $500/month
Equipment 1 per hour*
Internal rate + market
Equipment 2 per run**
Internal rate + market
Equipment 3 per hour***
Internal rate + market
Equipment 4****
First metal ($40)
Second metal ($20 + 1st metal)
Third metal ($15 + 2nd metal)
Fourth metal ($10 + 3rd metal)
plus material cost (most metals = $3/100 and noble metals at market cost)
Internal rate + market
Assisted rate for all equipment per hour
Materials Cost Pass Through (actual cost)
pass through
Internal rate + market

*  Equipment type 1: Photolithography, ozone cleaning, UV-curing conveyor, electroplater, contact angle analyzer, 3D printer, inverted microscope, suss spinner, laser cutter, hot roller, mini-labo coater, and bio-dot printer.

** Equipment type 2: Thermal evaporator, Parylene coater, Wabash press, furnace oxidation/diffusion, and RTA.

*** Equipment type 3: Reactive ion etcher, ICP etcher, AFM, ellipsometer, probe station electrical measurement, contour microscope, injection molding, 5-axis milling, profilometer, GC-MS, and nano-imprint lithography.

**** Equipment type 4: Metallization - E‐beam evaporation and sputtering.

Explanation of process charged "per run":
Processes such as evaporation and Parylene coating take large amounts of time due to time spent preparing the system or processes that take a long time to complete. The major expense with these processes is in the materials. In addition, a single "run" can typically process multiple substrates.

Explanation of process charged "per hour":
Processes such as scanning electron microscopy and photolithography take a wide range of times to operate depending on the users skill and the difficulty of the process.
The cost to the ERC Clean room is in terms of consumable parts in the equipment or process.
Thus, the longer the equipment is used the more parts are consumed.

Explanation of non-academic use of clean room equipment:
External users will pay external rates for access and for use of all equipment.