Gaining Access to the Cleanroom

Follow these steps to gain access to the Cleanroom:

  1. Go to the Environmental Health & Safety website
  2. Select Web-Based Compliance Training
    The “OSHA Hazard Communication” and “EPA Hazardous Waste” are required.
    Note: Be connected to a printer while taking you on line testing YOU WILL NEED TO PRINT THE CERTIFICATES.
  3. Complete the Access Request Form, and submit it with the safety training certificates.
  4. After completion of the web based safety courses and printing of the certificates email Jeff Simkins ( or call (513) 556-4775  to schedule the ERC Safety Training.
  5. Watch the video below before coming to the safety training, there will be a quiz about the contents of the video.
  6. At the conclusion of the ERC Safety Training session, you will be granted door access for entering and leaving the facility.
  7. For training on individual equipment please complete the equipment training form.
  8. Return the completed form to Jeff Simkins.  He will redirect it for equipment specific training if appropriate.
  9. A record of all training will be filed with individual records.
  10. Gaining access for ERC or OCMI clean rooms is equivalent.