Industry Partners

CHEST is funded by a combination of National Science Foundation grants and Industry Partner memberships. CHEST coordinates university-based research with Industry Partner needs to advance knowledge of security, assurance, and trust for electronic hardware and embedded systems. Industry Partners support cyber security and supply chain trust through paid memberships in the CHEST Industry–University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC).

Benefits of CHEST

As a member and partner, CHEST can benefit you and your organization. For more information about the benefits and getting involved, please contact us!

Board Members

The CHEST Industry University Collaborative Research Center (IUCRC) Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) members:

  • Guide cutting edge pre-competitive research tailored to their Cybersecurity and Trusted supply chain needs
  • Have full access to all CHEST research results and products
  • Develop and hire Cyber experienced professionals.

Funding and Financial Leverage

The CHEST IUCRC provides the funding opportunity for universities and industry to nucleate and grow the long-term partnerships for conducting pre-competitive research on topics of mutual benefit in an educational environment.

  • 90% of membership fees go toward research
  • No costly pass-through charges
  • All research done by the CHEST IUCRC results in shared IP that serves its membership
  • Leverage affiliate investments. Multiply your research budget 20x

Tailor Research to Your Requirements

The research conducted by the CHEST IUCRC is vetted by IAB members to ensure through a voting process that it aligns with the emerging cybersecurity and trust needs of the consortium.  IAB members plan research topic areas, prioritize proposed projects funding the best, and mentor researchers throughout project.

Newly Graduated Cyber Professionals

The 2020 – 2021 CHEST IUCRC is expected to financially support 40 to 50 students.  As the CHEST students graduate approximately 30% them will be hired directly by CHEST IAB member companies.  The CHEST IUCRC is building our nation’s Cyber professional workforce.

To learn more about CHEST, contact us!

  • Discuss how to become a CHEST IAB member
  • Discover what value CHEST can bring to your company, agency, or organization
  • Learn more about the other companies and government agencies that are CHEST members

Contact Donna Longworth and Luis Concha for more information! 


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