Nanoworld Laboratory Research

The broad research performed in the Nanoworld Laboratories is split into the following concentrations.

Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition using advanced nano-furnace
  • Identification and optimization of CNT growth parameters
  • Substrate thickness and growth methods
  • Characterization of CNT arrays (ESEM, EDS, TEM)
  • Diffusion enhancement and improved catalyst


  • MWCNT tower sensors for generic chemical and biological sensing
  • Electrochemical Methods - Cyclic Voltammetry and EIS
  • Nanotube array immunosensor
  • Wearable noninvasive chemical sensor
  • Nanotube needle biosensor for in-vivo use
  • Nanotube cell biosensor for cancer detection
  • Preparation and Functionalization of electrodes

Structural Health Monitoring

  • Continuous Sensors
  • Structural Neural System
  • Active Fiber Composite Sensors
  • Analytical modeling of wave propagation in composite/isotropic plates