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How Can Your Company Access OCMI Equipment?

OCMI is setup as an Industry access center, which means industry users can acquire the services of expert engineers and technicians who can perform fabrication with OCMI equipment.  Industry users can also be trained on most of the equipment in OCMI, including card-access to the center, so that they may use the Center at their leisure.  The access rates for all equipment are highly affordable, typically well below the typical costs for private/contract services.  In addition, the center provides temporary space for setting up computing/internet access and conferencing. Users may also rent table space, on which they can setup experiments or equipment capability on a longer-term basis.

Tap Into UC Research and Development

With spending on industrial R&D decreasing as a percent overall budget, and universities finding increased focus on applied research and development, now is the time for your company to consider tapping into OCMI and UC research and development.  Most commonly the interaction includes: (1) industrially sponsored research and development; (2) licensing and technology transfer.  Industrially sponsored research and development occurs when industry has already has specific problem in mind, or increasingly when industry-OCMI partnerships are formed to explore new opportunities.  The latter is the far more powerful approach and has led to the development of some of strongest OCMI programs.  In addition, by working with OCMI your company is also able to tap into federal, state, and other funding to support R&D work at OCMI and your company.

Request Employer Training, Workshops, or Seminars

OCMI is able to go far beyond the traditional means of education, where your employee takes B.S. or graduate coursework.  OCMI can offer customized seminars, training, workshops, or seminars for your employees.

Recruiting Full-time Engineers

UC’s Career Develop Center can work with you to post full-time positions and assist you recruiting candidates to meet your needs.

UC’s world-renowned co-op program also provides the pathway to hire the best students to work within you organization.

Industry Advisory Board

OCMI’s Industry advisory board is charged with networking of new opportunities for OCMI, guiding existing commercialization efforts, and providing leadership in the formation of a new industrial cluster in southwest Ohio based on microfluidic technologies.  Applications currently include, medical devices, rapid and portable sensors, and consumer/household products.


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