Personalized Engineering Research

Research studies conducted on animal models have contributed to our knowledge of the mechanisms of many human diseases for centuries. However, it is now clear that there is a fundamental disconnect between preclinical data generated in animal testing and results obtained from human clinical trials.

Our Vision

Our vision is to overcome the current translational gap, by combining principles of stem cell biology, tissue engineering and bioelectronics we aim to establish enhanced physiologically relevant models able to capture the series of biological events underlining complex disease states of the human body. We strive to establish innovative and highly translational approaches for studying how the different components of blood interact with human organs and regulate their function in healthy and disease states. Given the large burden of morbidity and mortality caused by ischemic stroke and metastatic cancer and insufficient understanding of molecular mechanisms involved, our current research projects focus on combining patient-derived stem cells and reverse engineering approach to create more predictive in vitro models recapitulating the complex and dynamic nature of these pathological conditions.

A model depicting human biology

An integrative approach to modelling of human biology