Some software developed during MS, PhD and/or contract research at the UC-SDRL is available to the general public under a University license agreement. The current software that is included in this license agreement is referred to as UC-SDRL Research Software. UC-SDRL Research Software currently includes the X-Modal III modal parameter estimation package with embedded data acquisition module. Data acquisition is currently only supported on specific hardware. This software is described on the following web pages. The UC-SDRL Structural Dynamics Research Consortium is available to organizations that wish to participate in the continuing development of research software focused on structural dynamics. If you wish more information, please contact us.

Distribution/Maintenance Fee

While there is no initial or continuing cost for the license to use UC-SDRL Research Software, in order to receive the software there is a Distribution/Maintenance Fee that covers the initial distribution and software updates for a one year period. After that time, if the user does not wish to continue receiving updates, no further fee is required. With the release of X-Modal III, the software is now distributed in an executable form with an embedded Matlab engine.

The user is no longer required to have a specific version of Matlab in order to be able to run the code. If the user has familiarity with Matlab, data can be exported to a number of data formats including several Matlab file formats. Complete software in source script form is no longer available except to Consortium or Enterprise members. The X-Modal software is developed in Matlab script and has historically been available to users in this open text mode. In this mode, still available to Consortium and Enterprise members, a user can potentially maintain the software. The reality is that most users did not attempt to maintain their own software. Many users did not want the open source capability in large industrial situations due to concerns about code verification, validation and certification.

The Distribution/Maintenance Fee is used to provide maintenance (bug fixes, Matlab version upgrades, operating SW and HW upgrades, etc.), along with new features, by funding graduate research assistants working on their MS or PhD academic programs. The current Distribution/Maintenance Fee structure is: 

  • Single User ($1250/year)
  • Multiple User-Up to 16 seats ($3750/year)
  • Educational User-32 seats per lab per educational site ($1250)
  • Enterprise User License

Trial Version of the Software

With the change of the software to an executable version, 45 day trial copies of the software are available. Trial licenses are made available as a courtesy and subject to changes in policy, etc. Please contact us if you have interest in a trial copy. Naturally, the software can be demonstrated if you are able to visit the University but this is not possible for many users.

Future Distribution/Maintenance Fees

Once you have signed the UC-SDRL Research Software License and an initial Distribution/Maintenance Fee has been paid, there is no obligation to continue to pay annual Distribution/Maintenance Fees unless support is required beyond the initial one year period. Examples of support that will be required includes a change in the hardware where the software is executed or the need for new features provided in an upgrade of the software. If such support is needed in the future, only the annual Distribution/Maintenance Fee is required (no back fees to cover the intervening period are required). Nevertheless, if a user wants to support continuing development and maintenance, payment of an annual Distribution/Maintenance Fee is appreciated.

Research Software License

The license to use UC-SDRL Research Software is a general agreement not to distribute or commercialize the software but does not limit commercial use in any other way. Single User, Multiple, Educational and Enterprise versions of the license are available. All other licenses require a signed license by both parties.