Kinematics and Kinetics of Machines Course

Dynamics of particles, systems of particles and rigid bodies are studied in this course. In the first part of the course, kinematic analysis of position, velocity and acceleration of particles in rectilinear and curvilinear motions are studied. The Newton's principle and energy principle are introduced and applied to study kinetics of particles. Motion and dynamic response of rigid bodies are analyzed using impulse-momentum theorem, angular momentum theorem and energy principles. Description of the motion of rigid bodies using relative motions and moving coordinate systems are studied to solve kinematics and kinetics problem of rigid bodies. Developing ability to model and analyze dynamic systems found in the real-world applications is emphasized in this course.

Amesim is used to model the kinetics of rigid body dynamics which will be taught in the second part of the semester. This course uses Amesim’s Planar Mechanical library which has models dedicated for applications concerning planar motion of objects.