Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems (IRAS) Lab Equipment

To support the research work, the lab has acquired or developed various equipment including:

  • Three collaborative robotic arms, two Kuka iiwa robots and one Fanuc CR35iA robot, all capable of safely interaction with humans
  • Rotorcraft drone with a 4-DOF robotic arm capable of aerial manipulation
  • Ground robotic vehicle capable of SLAM and navigation
  • 12-camera Vicon 3D motion capture system for real-time tracking 3D motion of humans and robots with sub-millimeter accuracy
  • Double-belt Bertec instrumented treadmill for measuring ground reaction force and moment of each foot while a human walking or doing other physical activity on the treadmill
  • 3-meter by 4-meter precision granite table and air-bearing supported satellite test platform for testing spacecraft and space-robot control systems
  • Virtual reality system
  • Various 3D motion and force sensors.