Physics-Based Mixed Reality Simulation


  • Develop an architecture of multi-mode simulation including 3D visual, audio, force and motion effects, all driven by physics-based and hardware-in-the-loop dynamic simulations.
  • Develop physics-based multibody system dynamics models, contact dynamics models, vibration and acoustic models and their real-time simulation algorithms and software to drive the multi-mode rendering equipment.
  • System level design, requirements development, and simulation-based feasibility study of a prototype of the proposed multi-mode simulation system.


Combine the virtual reality (VR) and/or augment reality (AR) technologies with physics-based 3D dynamic motion simulation, haptic feedback, and acoustic simulation technologies to create a realistic human sensation experience. A hardware-in-the-loop simulation facility is being developed.

Diagram of the interface
Diagram of reality simulation


  • Study and characterize human performance when operating equipment
  • Assess human performance for challenging operations in special environment
  • Safely train operators to perform risky tasks in an extreme environment