Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is a complete multiphysics solution for the simulation of products and designs operating under real-world conditions. Uniquely, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ brings automated design exploration and optimization to the simulation toolkit of every engineer, allowing you to efficiently explore the entire design space instead of focusing on single point design scenarios. 

Related Courses

Fluid Mechanics

This course introduces the concepts of fluid mechanics on the basis of the continuum assumption, including fluid statics and fluid dynamics. Continuity and momentum balances, and boundary layer concepts are discussed for laminar and turbulent flows in various applications and design problems. STAR-CCM+ is introduced in the course to resolve the flow field and to investigate the flow behavior. These step-by-step instructions guide you from building the CAD model to post-processing with STAR-CCM+.

Heat Transfer

This course introduces the basic concept of heat transfer, includingconduction, convection, and radiation. Two simulation examples would be demonstratedin this course to illustrate the effect of conduction and convection.Both exampleswill start from building the CAD model to post-processing. With the help of Star-CCM+, the simulations offer insights into how the heat transfer works.

Convection Heat Transfer

The heat transport process affected by flow or fluids is introduced in this course. The topics include the analysis of internal and external forced laminar and turbulent convection, as well as free convection that is driven by the buoyancy effect. Students use STAR-CCM+ to resolve the heat transfer problem that cannot be solved analytically. The step-by-step instructions guide you from building the CAD model to post-processing with STAR-CCM+.

Aerodynamic Simulation – AEEM 3053

Aerodynamic Simulation is a junior year course handled by Dr. Mark Turner which introduces the students to the basic theory behind Aerodynamics and exposes them to simulating typical problems using the commercial code STAR-CCM+. A part of the course deals with concepts of Numerical methods such as Numerical Integration, Interpolation, Iterative method of solving Matrices, Discrete Fourier Transforms and basic concepts of Finite Volume method.

Parallelly, the students are provided with multiple short instructional video tutorials on STAR-CCM+ which demonstrates a step-by-step procedure for successfully solving various 2D and 3D fluid flow problems. At the end of the course, a final class project is carried out by students in teams wherein they choose their desired problem and carry out a fluid flow simulation based on the knowledge gained out of the course.