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Dr. Kathy Ossman

Congratulations to Dr. Kathy Ossman for receiving the 2014-2015 CEAS Master Educator Award and CEAS Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award.

In 2013, Dr. Ossman received the CEAS Master Educator Award and Outstanding Teacher Award, North Central Section, American Society of Engineering Educators (ASEE).


Dr. Joni Torsella


Congratulations to Dr. Joni Torsella for receiving the 2014-2015 CEAS Master Educator Award. Dr. Torsella also won the award in 2013.

Dr. Bucks


Congratulations to Dr. Bucks, he was the recipient for the 2014 Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award for Young Faculty.

Dr. Kastner

Congratulations to Dr. Kastner for placing 1st Place for Best Paper Award at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), North Central Section Conference.

Dr. Kastner recently received the 2014-2015 CEAS Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award Young Faculty. He also awarded the Professor of the Year by the Engineering and Applied Science Tribunal at UC in 2014.

Dr. Rodney Roseman


Congratultions to Dr. Roseman (r) as he received the Distinguished Teaching Professor Award from Dean Carlo Montemagno (l) in 2008 for his efforts in teaching, advising, and mentoring undergraduate students.




2015 ASEE North Central Conference

The UC CEAS Department of Engineering Education hosted the 2015 ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education). North Central Section Conference this past weekend, April 17-18. The conference is the major ASEE NCS event of the year and included presentations, workshops, and poster competitions for engineering and engineering technology professionals, faculty and students.

Nearly 70 faculty members and 78 students from 37 different universities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Massachusetts gathered at UC to exchange ideas and discuss their shared interest in progressing engineering education. Ensuring the success of the conference were Program Chairs Kathy Ossman, PhD, and associate professor, and Greg Bucks, PhD and assistant professor educator, as well as CEAS Engineering Education Department Head Jim Boerio, PhD, and Magnolia Modaress, MS. 

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2013 MathWorks Grant Proposal

Proposal was funded to modify ENED1020 Engineering Foundations course as well as ENED1090 and ENED1091 Engineering Models I and II course to incorporate data acquisitions (NI) myDAQ. In addition, the proposal would tighten the connections between the curricula for these courses. The project consists of professors Kathleen Ossman, Gregory Bucks, Jeffrey Kastner, Joni Torsella, Rodney Roseman, and James Boerio from Department of Engineering Education, Mr. Eugene Rutz, the Manager of the ACCEND program, who will serve as specialist in educational technology, and Ms. Megan Pflatzgraff, Director of Information Technology Analyst for the College of Engineering and Applied Science Office of College Computing, who will support the use of technology within the classroom and in the Learning Center.


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