Corinne Patterson

Congratulations to Corinne Patterson for receiving the 2017-2018 Outstanding First Year Advocate award!   

Joni Torsella

Congratulations to Dr. Joni Torsella in receiving the 2017-2018 Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award! The winner is selected by a faculty committee based on the quality of their teaching. Dr. Torsella also won the CEAS Master Educator award in 2014-2015.

Dr. Kathy Ossman

Congratulations to Dr. Kathy Ossman for receiving the 2014-2015 CEAS Master Educator Award and CEAS Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award.

In 2013, Dr. Ossman received the CEAS Master Educator Award and Outstanding Teacher Award, North Central Section, American Society of Engineering Educators (ASEE).

Dr. Bucks


Congratulations to Dr. Bucks, he was the recipient for the 2014 Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award for Young Faculty.

Dr. Kastner

Congratulations to Dr. Kastner for placing 1st Place for Best Paper Award at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), North Central Section Conference.

Dr. Kastner recently received the 2014-2015 CEAS Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award Young Faculty. He also awarded the Professor of the Year by the Engineering and Applied Science Tribunal at UC in 2014.

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Graduate Courses

  • ENED7001 - Introduction to Engineering Education (Fall)
  • ENED7002 - Learning Theories in Engineering Education (Spring)
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Engineering Education News


Dr. Sheryl Sorby

CEAS Professor Researches How Spatial Skills Shape Student Success

By:    Brandon Pytel
Date: April 30, 2018

CEAS engineering education professor Sheryl Sorby, PhD, researches spatial visualization skills and their role in engineering students’ success.

Sorby researches spatial visualization skills in engineering education.

Success in engineering isn’t limited to just traditional math and science skills. Engineering careers also require high-level spatial skills. One professor at the University of Cincinnati (UC) is exploring the ways spatial skills, or the ability to imagine the orientation and relation of objects, affect students’ performance in engineering programs.

Sheryl Sorby, PhD, was hired through the College of Engineering and Applied Science’s (CEAS) 50-in-5 initiative. She is a professor in UC’s Department of Engineering Education who hopes to bring spatial skills education into the department’s first-year plan.

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Dr. Whitney Gaskins

Assistant Dean Whitney Gaskins

Congratulations to Dr. Whitney Gaskins for her new position as Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Community Engagement. As Assistant Dean, Dr. Gaskins will be responsible for all aspects of underrepresented enrollment recruitment and the bridge programs.  Dr. Gaskins will also oversee the organization and maintenance of retention programs for new underrepresented minority (URM) students and management of all programs specifically dealing with URM students.  She will also manage the URM scholarship programs and the Emerging Ethnic Engineers Program (E3).  The E3 Program is a comprehensive, nationally respected program which seeks to increase the number of African-American, Latino/a, and Native American students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science.  This program assists students achieve excellence in college and beyond.  The program includes several pre-college outreach programs, as well as, campus-wide recruitment and retention activities.  In this role, Dr. Gaskins will serve as PI on the Choose Ohio First Grant. The Choose Ohio First Scholarship is designed to strengthen Ohio’s competitiveness within STEM disciplines and STEM education.

Corinne Patterson

CEAS Welcomes New Engineering Advisor to the Department of Engineering Education

CINCINNATI, OH (February 21, 2017)-Ms. Corinne Patterson comes to us from Cincinnati State where she served as a College Success Coach. She brings expertise in one-on-one student development and inclusive leadership programming, as well as a strong commitment to her alma mater. Prior to working at Cincinnati State, Corinne was a Coordinator for Leadership Development at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) where she supported the development of an entirely new functional area within the Division of Student Affairs.  Corinne is a University of Cincinnati alum; she completed her BA in English and Comparative Literature in 2013 and a BA/MA in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies in 2014.