Current Mechanical Engineering Technology Undergraduate Student Info.



Senior Electives

Electives for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.
Course Number Course Name Semester Typically Taught
AEEM5167 Entrepreneurship & Tech Law Occassionally
CVE5138    Leadership/Decision Making  Spring
ENGR3001 Global Technical Workforce Fall, Spring, Summer
ENGR5110   Effectiveness in Technical Org  Fall, Spring
ENGR5114   Engineering Project Management  Fall, Spring
ENGR5150   Fundamentals of Leadership  Fall, Spring
MECH5099 Special Topics As Needed
MECH5102C Radiation Detection  Spring
MECH5103   Intro to Nuclear & HP  Fall
MECH5113   Intro to Smart Structures  Fall
MECH5120   Intro to Advanced Mfg Processes  Fall
MECH5123   CAD for Manufacturing  Spring
MECH5131   Intro to Robotics  Fall
MECH5132   Robot Control & Design  Spring
MECH5135 Intelligent Systems Occassionally
MECH5150   Occupational Safety Engr  Fall
MECH5152   System Safety Engineering  Spring
MECH5171   Advanced Design for Mfg  Fall
MECH5174   Quality Control Fall
MECH5177   Micro & Nano Manufacturing  Fall
MECH5181   Modeling Materials  Fall
MECH5194   Fundamentals & Appl of Solar Energy  Spring
MECH5196   Internal Combustion Engines  Spring
MECH5197C Intro to Additive Manufacturing Fall
MET5011    Packaging Technology   Spring
MET5012    Lean Manufacturing  Occassionally
MET5031    Renewable Energy Systems   Fall
MTEN3012   Intro to Metallurgy  Spring
MTEN3050C Material Processing Fall
MTEN3076   Material Selection in Design  Spring
MTEN4034   Polymer Chemistry  Fall
MTEN5110L  Physical Properties of Solids  Fall
MTEN5112C Nanostructured Materials Engineering  Spring
MTEN5113   Intro to Smart Structures  Fall
MTEN5120   Kinetics of Materials Processing  Spring
MTEN5125C Polymer Processing (4)  Spring
MTEN5134   Physics of Polymer Properties  Spring
MTEN5142   Composite Materials  Spring
MTEN5170 Phase Transformation Spring
MTEN5197   Mechanical Behavior Materials  Fall
MTEN**** Any other Materials Coursework Occassionally