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Selected Articles by Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
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Ayres, Neil
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, PhD

Tamuka Chidanguro, Danielle R. Blank, Alexandra Garrett, Cassandra M. Reese, Jacob M. Schekman, Xinjun Yu, Derek L. Patton, Neil Ayres, and Yoan C. Simon Fabrication of single-chain nanoparticles through the dimerization of pendant anthracene groups via photochemical upconversion Dalton Transactions (2018) 47 8663-8669

M. Mario Perera and Neil Ayres (2017) Gelatin based dynamic hydrogels via thiol-norbornene reactions Polymer Chemistry, 8, 6741-6749

Niranga Wijesiri, Tevhide Ozkaya-Ahmadov, Peng Wang, Jinnan Zhang, Hong Tang, Xinjun Yu, Neil Ayres, and Peng Zhang (2017) Photodynamic inactivation of multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus using hybrid photosensitizers based on amphiphilic block copolymer-functionalized gold nanoparticles ACS Omega, 2, 5364-5369

Beaucage, Gregory
Professor, PhD

Rishi, K., Mulderig, A., Beaucage, G., Vogtt, K., & Jiang, H. (2019). Thermodynamics of Hierarchical Aggregation in Pigment Dispersions. Langmuir.

McGlasson, A., Rishi, K., Beaucage, G., Narayanan, V., Chauby, M., Mulderig, A., ... & Rackaitis, M. (2019). The effects of staged mixing on the dispersion of reinforcing fillers in elastomer compounds. Polymer, 121765.

Rishi, K., Narayanan, V., Beaucage, G., McGlasson, A., Kuppa, V., Ilavsky, J., & Rackaitis, M. (2019). A thermal model to describe kinetic dispersion in rubber nanocomposites: The effect of mixing time on dispersion. Polymer, 175, 272-282.

Boerio, James
Professor, PhD

Marawi I, Khaskelis A, Galal A, Rubinson JF, Popat RP, Boerio F, Mark HB. Metal ion incorporation in the conducting polymer electrode matrix using an ‘active’ metal substrate. J Electroanal Chem. 1997;434(1–2):61-68

Hong PP, BOERIO F, SMITH S. Effect of annealing time, film thickness, and molecular weight on surface enrichment in blends of polystyrene and deuterated polystyrene. Macromolecules. 1994;27(2):596; 596-605; 605

Hong PP, BOERIO F, TIRRELL M, DHOOT S, GUENOUN P. An investigation of the adsorption of polystyrene/poly(2-vinylpyridine) diblock copolymers onto silver substrates using surface-enhanced raman scattering. Macromolecules. 1993;26(15):3953; 3953-3959; 3959yridine) diblock copolymers onto silver substrates using surface-enhanced raman scattering Hong PP, BOERIO F, TIRRELL M, DHOOT S, GUENOUN P Macromolecules. 1993;26(15):3953; 3953-3959; 3959

Buchanan, Relva
Professor, ScD

Balogun YA, Buchanan RC. Enhanced percolative properties from partial solubility dispersion of filler phase inconducting polymer composites (CPCs). Composites Sci Technol. 2010;70(6):892; 892-900; 900

Rho H, Arafat HA, Kountz B, Buchanan RC, Pinto NG, Bishop PL. Decomposition of hazardous organic materials in the solidification/stabilization process using catalytic-activated carbon. Waste Manag. 2001;21(4):343-356

Hebatpuria VM, Arafat HA, Rho HS, Bishop PL, Pinto NG, Buchanan RC. Immobilization of phenol in cement-based solidified/stabilized hazardous wastes using regenerated activated carbon: Leaching studies. J Hazard Mater. 1999;70(3):117-138

Clarson, Stephen
Professor, PhD

Poojari Y, Clarson SJ. Lipase-catalyzed synthesis and properties of silicone aromatic polyesters and silicone aromatic polyamides. Macromolecules. 2010;43(10):4616; 4616-4622; 4622

Poojari Y, Clarson SJ. Lipase catalyzed synthesis of silicone polyesters Chem Commun (Camb). 2009;(44):6834-5. doi(44):6834-6835

Ultrafast holographic nanopatterning of biocatalytically formed silica. Brott LL, Naik RR, Pikas DJ, Kirkpatrick SM, Tomlin DW, Whitlock, PW, Clarson SJ, Stone MO Nature. 2001;413(6853):291-293

Dong, Junhang
Professor of Chemical Engineering, PhD

Z. Cao, S. Zeng, Z. Xu, A. Arvanitis, S. Yang, X. Gu, J. Dong (2018. )Ultrathin ZSM-5 Zeolite Nanosheet Laminated Membrane for High-Flux Desalination of Concentrated Brines .Science Advances

I. Michos, Z. Cao , Zhi Xu, W. Jing, J. Dong (2018.) Investigations on Mesoporous Glass Membrane as Ion Separator for Redox Flow Battery. Batteries

A Sankar, I. Michos, I. Dutta, J. Dong, A.P. Angelopoulos (2018.) Electrostatic Assembly of Stacked Graphene Nanoplatelets as Electrodes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries .J. Power Sources, 387, 91-100

Fu, Yao Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics, PhD

Fu Y.; Huang Z.; Wan Y.; Wang X.; Xie Q.; Yang X. (05-01-2019.) Molecular dynamics studies of the mechanical behaviors and thermal conductivity of the DGEBA/MTHPA/C. Composites Part B: Engineering, 164, 659-666

Clarke A.; Field R.; Fu Y.; Kaufman M.; Song J. (02-15-2019.) Variant selection of intragranular Ni2(Mo, Cr) precipitates (??) in the Ni-Mo-.Acta Materialia, 165, 362-372

Fu Y.; Ma M. (01-01-2019.) Investigation of the mechanical behavior of ionic diblock copolymer via molecular dynamics simulatio. Materials Science and Technology 2018, MS and T 2018, 1365-1372

Heikenfeld, Jason
Professor of Electrical Engineering, PhD

Schultz A, Papautsky I, Heikenfeld J. Investigation of laplace barriers for arrayed electrowetting lab-on-a-chip. Langmuir. 2014;30(18):5349-5356

Hagedon M, Yang S, Russell A, Heikenfeld J. Bright e-paper by transport of ink through a white electrofluidic imaging film. Nat Commun. 2012;3:1173

Heikenfeld J, Zhou K, Kreit E, Raj B, Yang S. Electrofluidic displays using Young–Laplace transposition of brilliant pigment dispersions. Nature photonics. 2009;3(5):292; 292-296; 296

Ho, Chia-Chi
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, PhD

Andrews, Ross N; Co, Carlos C; Ho, Chia-Chi (2016.) Engineering Dynamic Biointerfaces.Current opinion in chemical engineering, 11, 28-33

Michel, Daniel R; Mun, Kyu-Shik; Ho, Chia-Chi; Stambrook, Peter J (2016.) Cytoskeletal architecture and cell motility remain unperturbed in mouse embryonic fibroblasts from Plk3 knockout mice.Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.), 241 (6 ), 603-10

Chen, Bo; Co, Carlos; Ho, Chia-Chi (2015.) Cell shape dependent regulation of nuclear morphology.Biomaterials, 67, 129-36

Iroh, Jude
Professor, PhD

Akinyi C.; Iroh J. (01-01-2019.) Effect of graphene on the flammability behavior of polyimide-graphene composites .International SAMPE Technical Conference, 2019-May

Feng L.; Iroh J. (03-05-2018.) Polyimide–polyurea copolymer coating with outstanding corrosion inhibition properties. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 135 (9)

Iroh J.; Marashdeh W. (11-05-2017.) Electrical properties of flexible graphene reinforced polyimide composites.Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 134 (41)

Kim, Woo Kyun Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, PhD

Kim W.; Li H. (07-01-2019.) Role of multigrain structure on friction of graphene layers.Computational Materials Science, 165, 23-33

Kavalur A.; Kim W. (03-09-2019.) A hybrid quasicontinuum method.International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 117 (10), 1059-1078

Kim W.; Tadmor E. (09-12-2017.) Accelerated quasicontinuum: a practical perspective on hyper-QC with application to nanoindentation.Philosophical Magazine, 97 (26), 2284-2316

Millard, Ronald
Professor Emeritus, PhD

Wang X, Huang W, Liu G, Cai W, Millard RW, Wang Y, Chang J, Pent T, Fan GC. Cardiomyocytes mediate anti-angiogenesis in type 2 diabetic rats through the exosomal transfer of miR-320 into endothelial cells. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2014;74:139-150

Millard RW, Tranter M. Complementary, alternative, and putative nontroponin biomarkers of acute coronary syndrome: New resources for future risk assessment calculators. Rev Esp Cardiol (Engl Ed). 2014;67(4):312-320

Dai B, Huang W, Xu M, Millard RW, Gao MH, Hammond HK, Menick DR, Ashraf M, Wang Y. Reduced collagen deposition in infarcted myocardium facilitates induced pluripotent stem cell engraftment and angiomyogenesis for improvement of left ventricular function. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2011;58(20):2118-2127

Paz Y Puente, Ashley Assistant Professor, PhD

Dunand D.; Erdeniz D.; Paz y Puente A.; Yost A. (01-01-2019.) Effect of diffusion distance on evolution of Kirkendall pores in titanium-coated nickel wires.Intermetallics, 104, 124-132

Dunand D.; Paz y Puente A. (10-01-2018.) Effect of Cr content on interdiffusion and Kirkendall pore formation during homogenization of pack-a.Intermetallics ,101, 108-115

Dunand D.; Paz y Puente A. (09-01-2018.) Shape-memory characterization of NiTi microtubes fabricated through interdiffusion of Ti-Coated Ni w.Acta Materialia, 156, 1-10

Roseman, Rodney
Assoc Professor, PhD

Roseman RD, Mukherjee N. PTCR effect in BaTiO3: Structural aspects and grain boundary potentials. Journal of electroceramics. 2003;10(2):117; 117-135; 135

Mukherjee N, Roseman RD, Willging JP. The piezoelectric cochlear implant: Concept, feasibility, challenges, and issues. J Biomed Mater Res. 2000;53(2):181-187

Liu G, Roseman R. Effect of BaO and SiO2 addition on PTCR BaTiO3 ceramics. J Mater Sci. 1999;34(18):4439; 4439-4445; 4445

Schaefer, Dale
Professor, PhD

Hu NP, Dong XC, He XY, Argekar S, Zhang Y, Browning JF, Schaefer DW. Interfacial morphology of low-voltage anodic aluminium oxide. Journal of applied crystallography. 2013;23(5; 5):325606

Dong X, Argekar S, Wang P, Schaefer DW. In situ evolution of trivalent chromium process passive film on al in a corrosive aqueous environment. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2011;3(11):4206-4214

Schaefer DW, Justice RS. How nano are nanocomposites? Macromolecules. 2007;40(24):8501; 8501-8517; 8517

Schulz, Mark
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, PhD

Chauhan D.; Hou G.; Liu Y.; Mast D.; Ng V.; Paine M.; Schulz M.; Shanov V.; Su R.; Xu C.; Yin Z. (10-15-2017.) Gas phase pyrolysis synthesis of carbon nanotubes at high temperature.Materials and Design, 132, 112-118

Alvarez N.; Keller S.; Malik R.; Mast D.; Schulz M.; Shanov V.; Zaghloul A. (01-01-2017.) Effects of Metal Nanoparticle Doping and in Situ Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment on Carbon Nan.IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 16, 1076-1079

Hou G.; Liu Y.; Mast D.; Ng V.; Schulz M.; Shanov V.; Song Y.; Xu C.; Zhang L. (01-01-2017.) Numerical and experimental investigation of carbon nanotube sock formation.MRS Advances, 2 (1), 21-26

Shanov, Vesselin
Professor, PhD

C. Jayasinghe, W. Li, Yi Song, J. L. Abot, V. N. Shanov, S. Fialkova, S. Yarmolenko, S. Sundaramurthy, Y. Chen, W. Cho, S. Chakrabarti, Ge Li, Y. Yun, and M. J. Schulz (09-2010.) Nanotube responsive materials. 35, 682-692

T. Hopkins, J. Vennemeyer, C. Jayasinghe, V. Shanov, S. Pixley (2010.) Carbon Nanotube Ribbon and Thread Support In Vitro Attachment and Differentiation of Murine Neural Stem Cells. NanoLife, 1 (1-2 ),89-99

M. Jakubinek, M. White, Ge Li, C. Jayasinghe, W. Cho, M. Schulz , V. Shanov (2010.) Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Tall, Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays. Carbon 48, 3947-3952

Shi, Donglu
Professor, PhD

Dunn, Andrew W., Vladimir V. Kalinichenko, and Donglu Shi. Highly Efficient In Vivo Targeting of the Pulmonary Endothelium Using Novel Modifications of Polyethylenimine: An Importance of Charge. Advanced healthcare materials, (2018): 1800876.

Yilong Wang, Shuyang Sun, Zhiyuan Zhang, Donglu Shi. Nanomaterials for Cancer Precision Medicine. Advanced Materials, 2018, 30, 1705660

Yuan Zhao, Andrew W. Dunn, and Donglu Shi. Effective reduction of building heat loss without insulation materials via the photothermal effect of a chlorophyll thin film coated “Green Window”, MRS Communications 9, 2, 2019, pp. 675-681

Shi, Jing Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, PhD

Erdem E.; Shi J. (05-16-2017.) Estimation of Wind Energy Potential and Prediction of Wind Power.Wind Energy Engineering: A Handbook for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines, 25-49

Erdem E.; Masek C.; Peng Y.; Shi J.; Woodbridge P. (04-02-2016.) Large-scale assessment of missed opportunity risks in a complex hospital setting.Informatics for Health and Social Care, 41 (2), 112-127

Lu C.; Peng Y.; Shi J. (01-01-2015.) Price based unit commitment with emission trading in generating companies. IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2015, 2744-2753

Steckl, Andrew
Professor, PhD

Han, Daewoo, and Andrew J. Steckl. "Coaxial Electrospinning Formation of Complex Polymer Fibers and their Applications." ChemPlusChem (2019).

Ray, Prajokta, and Andrew J. Steckl. "Label-Free Optical Detection of Multiple Biomarkers in Sweat, Plasma, Urine, and Saliva." ACS sensors 4.5 (2019): 1346-1357.

Dalirirad, Shima, and Andrew J. Steckl. "Aptamer-based lateral flow assay for point of care cortisol detection in sweat." Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 283 (2019): 79-86.

Steiner, Matt Assistant Professor, PhD

Steiner, M. A., Garlea, E., Creasy, J., DeMint, A., & Agnew, S. R. (2018). Temperature dependent elastic properties of γ-phase U–8 wt% Mo. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 500, 184-191.

Steiner, M. A., Klein, R. W., Calhoun, C. A., Knezevic, M., Garlea, E., & Agnew, S. R. (2017). Efficient rolling texture predictions and texture-sensitive thermomechanical properties of α-uranium foils. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 495, 234-243.

Steiner, M. A., McCabe, R. J., Garlea, E., & Agnew, S. R. (2017). Monte Carlo modeling of recrystallization processes in α-uranium. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 492, 74-87.

Sunderam, Murali Professor of Mechanical Engineering, PhD

Kolhekar, Ketaki, and Murali Sundaram. "A multiphase simulation study of electrochemical discharge machining of glass." The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2019): 1-12.

Shailendar, S., and M. Sundaram. "Localised electrochemical co-deposition of copper-nickel using liquid marbles." International Journal of Precision Technology 8.2-4 (2019): 249-260.

Kamaraj, A. B., & Sundaram, M. (2019). A mathematical model of the deposition rate and layer height during electrochemical additive manufacturing. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 102(5-8), 2367-2374.

Vasudevan, Vijay
Professor, PhD

Kalainathan S.; Prabhakaran S.; Shukla P.; Vasudevan V. (07-01-2019.) Residual stress, phase, microstructure and mechanical property studies of ultrafine bainitic steel t. Optics and Laser Technology, 115, 447-458

Jagtap R.; Kondavalasa S.; Prakash A.; Samajdar I.; Shanmugam S.; Vasudevan V.; Wilde G. (07-01-2019.) On the comparison of graded microstructures developed through High Reduction (per pass) Cold Rolling. Materials Characterization, 153, 328-338

Cong H.; Doll G.; Dong Y.; Gao H.; Hou X.; Li S.; Mankoci S.; Martini A.; Qin H.; Ren Z.; Sahai N.; Vasudevan V.; Walters N.; Ye C.; Zhang R.; Zhou X. (05-01-2019.) Corrigendum to “Hierarchical structures on nickel-titanium fabricated by ultrasonic nanocrystal surf. Materials Science and Engineering C, 98, 1307

Watzman, Sarah Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, PhD

Kumar, Nitesh, Yan Sun, Michael Nicklas, Sarah J. Watzman, Olga Young, Inge Leermakers, Jacob Hornung et al. "Extremely high conductivity observed in the triple point topological metal MoP." Nature communications 10, no. 1 (2019): 2475.

Guin, Satya N., Praveen Vir, Yang Zhang, Nitesh Kumar, Sarah J. Watzman, Chenguang Fu, Enke Liu et al. "Zero‐Field Nernst Effect in a Ferromagnetic Kagome‐Lattice Weyl‐Semimetal Co3Sn2S2." Advanced Materials (2019): 1806622.

Guin, Satya N., Kaustuv Manna, Jonathan Noky, Sarah J. Watzman, Chenguang Fu, Nitesh Kumar, Walter Schnelle et al. "Anomalous Nernst effect beyond the magnetization scaling relation in the ferromagnetic Heusler compound Co 2 MnGa." NPG Asia Materials 11, no. 1 (2019): 16.

Zhang, Peng
Associate Professor of Chemistry, PhD

E.G. Westbrook, P. Zhang. Plasmon-enhanced triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion of post-modified polymeric acceptors. Dalton Trans. 47(26):8638-8645 (2018).

Z. Tian, M. Crowe, L. Shao, P. Zhang, L. Zhang, Q. Zhao, J. Diao. Interface colloidal deposition of nanoparticle wire structures. Particle and Particle Systems Characterization. 35, 1800098 (2018).

N. Wijesiri, Z. Yu, H. Tang, P. Zhang. Antifungal photodynamic inactivation against dermatophyte Trichophyton rubrum using nanoparticle-based hybrid photosensitizers. Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther. 202-208 (2018).