College Computing

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The Office of College Computing (OCC) provides various IT services to the College of Engineering and Applied Science.  The scope of service spans numerous functions and technologies.  Varying levels of support are provided depending on the needs of our customer base.

The OCC is responsible for the operation of College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) instructional computing facilities and services used by CEAS undergraduate and graduate students. The selection of engineering, applied science, math and science application software used in college computing labs is determined by requests from faculty for software that will be used in engineering and applied science courses and projects.

In addition to supporting the college computer labs and student technology resources, the OCC supports the technology needs for administrative staff, college conference rooms, web development, software license management and network administration.

Faculty & Staff Assistance

Bearcats Landing offers resources and instructions for various software and general computing problems. Please reference Bearcats landing for additional information.

Technical Assistance

For assistance in the OCC computer labs, there are lab consultants available during posted scheduled hours.

For help with general computing software, hardware problems, website related issues send an email to 

Note: You will receive a confirmation email asking you to click a link to submit the email to the moderater for approval.  This feature is in an effort to cut down on spam.

Production Support Assistance

For immediate assistance for production support issues, call the Office of College Computing at (513) 556-9117.

Lab Assistance

For assistance needed in the Baldwin Labs 533, 548, 550, 860; Mantei Center (ERC) 617; Edwards 4140, 6150; VPC 213, and e-Classrooms Baldwin 537; Rhodes 513, 801 A/B/C; VPC 116 and Edwards 6154 call the Lab Consultant desk at (513) 556-4745.

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