The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ChEE) combines the faculty, the students, the curriculum and the research capabilities of the chemical engineering program with the environmental engineering and environmental science programs.

This department offers a unique, common first two-year curriculum for the undergraduates in these various programs through the integration of basic math, chemistry, physics, materials, transport phenomena, statistics and systems analysis, which also allows students to seamlessly transfer from one program to another if they so desire.

The department is composed of two undergraduate programs: chemical engineering and environmental engineering.

Chemical engineering students gain knowledge to apply chemical reactions and separations to the development and production of new materials. Students learn how to design and optimize largescale processes to produce petrochemicals, plastics, fibers, fuel cells, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics.

Environmental engineering students gain knowledge in green engineering design to explore sustainable solutions for controlling pollution and preserving resources. Common applications for environmental engineering include the analysis and design of water and wastewater treatment systems, solid waste substance management, air pollution control and sustainability.

All of our faculty members have extensive and impressive research backgrounds, conducting many government- and industry-sponsored research that address topics from nanotechnology and robotics to tissue engineering and fuel cell research. Faculty work closely with students in their research activities.

UC’s nationally ranked cooperative education (co-op) program gives chemical and environmental engineering students real-world experience at firms and research centers across the country and around the world. Students have many opportunities to apply their academic background to the professional field prior to graduation, working for international companies like Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical and General Electric, to name a few.

When students graduate from our department, they are prepared to make a difference in the chemical and environmental engineering field. Our graduates have satisfying careers in private research firms, testing laboratories and government agencies, and in a wide array of industries in the chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing fields. With the education provided by the University of Cincinnati and the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, these students have the resources to pursue meaningful employment after graduation.