Semiconductor and Sensor Technologies

The Semiconductor and Sensor Technologies research prepares you for jobs in the semiconductor industry for integrated circuit chips and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), as well as companies producing sensors of various types for a large variety of applications such as healthcare, environmental monitoring, automobiles, military, and more.


Research Topics

Sensors, MEMS and BioMEMS, Microfluidics, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Biomedical Devices and Systems, IoT, Nanoelectronics, Solid-State Materials and Devices, RF and Wireless Device

Sensors are a big deal here. It’s something we’ve had historical strength in with pioneers in the field.

Jason Heikenfeld, director of UC's Novel Devices Lab


Headshot of Chong H. Ahn

Chong H. Ahn

Distinguished University Research Professor


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Je Hyeong Bahk

Associate Professor


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Marc M Cahay

Professor, Department Head


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Leyla Esfandiari

Assoc Professor


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Jason C. Heikenfeld



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Rashmi Jha



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Tao Li

Associate Professor


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Andrew Steckl

Distinguished University Research Professor; Gieringer Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar


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Ryan J White

Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar, Unit Head - Chemistry


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You can select courses from a core set that covers semiconductor microfabrication theory and cleanroom hands-on skills, fundamentals on MEMS and sensors, advanced semiconductor physics, and advanced nanoelectronics.  A broad collection of elective courses is also available to supplement the core set in areas such as advanced topics on MEMS/biosensors/biochips, RF and wireless communication, quantum computing, thermoelectric systems, biomedical devices/systems for healthcare, etc.

Core Courses

Minimum 3 courses required for MS/PhD students)

  • EECE 6007          Biomedical Microsystems
  • EECE 6008          Fundamentals of MEMS
  • EECE 6018          Microfabrication of Semiconductor Devices
  • EECE 6041C        Microfabrication Lab for Semiconductor Devices and MEMS
  • EECE 6050          Compound and Organic Semiconductor Physics
  • EECE 6051          Introduction to Sensors
  • EECE 6088          Nanoelectronic Devices for VLSI Technologies

Elective Courses

  • EECE 6011          RF and Microwave Wireless Communications
  • EECE 6045          Intro to Quantum Computing
  • EECE 6048C        Optics for Engineers
  • EECE 6078C        Biomicrofluidic Systems
  • EECE 7011          Electromagnetic Systems
  • EECE 7023          Thermoelectric Energy
  • EECE 7026          Biochips and Lab on a Chips
  • EECE 7031          Advanced MEMS Technologies
  • EECE 7032          BioSensors and Bioelectronics
  • EECE 7036          Neuromorphic Computing for AI
  • EECE 8025          Electrical Engineering of the Human Body