About Mechanical & Materials Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) provides students with a broad range of experiences in basic science, mathematics, communication, design, laboratory experimentation, and materials and systems testing.

As the oldest engineering discipline that has the broadest reach in terms of application, mechanical engineering touches every aspect of life from medical devices, computers, and athletic equipment to automobile engines, electric power plants, and the very machines that create these innovations.

The department is composed of three programs: mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering technology, and materials science and engineering (graduate).

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering students gain knowledge to design, manufacture, and operate machines and mechanical systems that work in a safe and efficient fashion. Students learn fundamental principles of force, energy, and motion and apply theories to develop everything from simple devices to complex systems.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical engineering technology students gain knowledge in the hardware- and computer-oriented aspects of mechanical design, manufacturing, and energy systems. Students receive a fundamental and applicable foundation with emphasis on realistic, technical problem-solving projects involving mechanical systems.

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials science and engineering students gain knowledge of how materials work, leading to the creation of new materials for new applications as well as the further development of existing materials to improve performance.

Our Faculty

All of our faculty members have extensive and impressive research backgrounds, working closely with students in their research activities. The department is home to several internationally recognized research activities in structural dynamics, bio-mechanics, vibro-acoustics, gear dynamics, computational mechanics, nanotechnology, intelligent autonomous systems, computational fluid dynamics, robotics and many more. 

Cooperative Education

UC’s nationally ranked cooperative education (co-op) program gives mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering technology students real-world experience at firms and research centers across the country and around the world. Students have many opportunities to apply their academic background to the professional field prior to graduation, working for international companies like Procter & Gamble, Siemens PLM Software, and General Electric, to name a few.