Complex Systems & Processes

Urban and natural environmental areas are complex systems, with complexity arising from interactions between social, biologic and environmental agents & processes. These processes take place on multiple spatial, temporal and contextual scales. Understanding these interactions & their interdependencies is key to developing effective environmental & health policies. Our research is focused on the following topics:

Watershed Processes and Control; Environmental Processes, Sustainability; Public Health; Big Data

  • Sustainable urban systems, complex systems, impact of multi hazards, cascading failures
  • Networks and network processes in watersheds, ecosystems and human populations; and implications for biosecurity and public health
  •  Network, flow and transport controllability. Coupled surface-ground water systems. Applications to floods and water quality management
  •  Stochastic multimedia and multi-scale contaminant transport processes in watersheds
  •  Watershed sustainability, risk assessment, reliability, vulnerability and resilience analysis
  • Climate change adaptation

Multifunctional Advanced Materials and Environmental Sensing

  • Soft biomimetic materials, devices and robotics
  • Autonomous mobile devices
  • Environmental sensors

Porous Media

  • Multiphase flow simulation
  • Porous media characterization
  • Thin porous media, multi-scale and asymmetric materials
  • Material design


Headshot of Lilit Yeghiazarian

Lilit Yeghiazarian

Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science



Research Website: Complex Systems & Processes