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About CEAS

Baldwin Hall

We Engineer Better™

The U.S. is at a transition point, trading old industries
for new ones. And the world is looking for the next
visionary, innovative direction. In an era of tumultuous
change, one thing remains clear: engineering is
society’s most powerful generator of economic

Touching every aspect of life, engineering can
literally redefine prosperity and well-being for people
even in the most dire of circumstances — both right
here in the Midwest and around the world.

That’s why CEAS will encourage you to make the
most of our longstanding partnerships with business
and industry, and tap into UC’s expertise in medicine,
design, and music.  You’ll graduate as much more than
an engineer — you’ll be the multidimensional agent of


• US News and World Report ranks our co-op program among the best in the nation
• Students can choose either an industry or a research track co-op
• Local, national, and international co-op positions are available
• 18:1 Student to faculty ratio
• 23 Average class size