Best Term Papers

UC Fire Science & Emergency Management takes pleasure in presenting "best term papers" that have been selected by professors, and posted with the student's permission. It is our pleasure to recognize student achievement and promote best practices in the fire service.

Best Term Papers





  • Chief Officer Challenges and Opportunities
  • Performance Improvement Strategy
  • Terrorism Response in Mercer County
  • The Lone Wolf Terrorist


  • Community Paramedicine
  • Small Town Terror Attack
  • Which Smoke Alarm Technology is Recommended


  • Applying the UL Ventilation Study to Modern Firefighting Strategies
  • Community and Paramedicine
  • Proper Drug Security for the Fairborn FD


  • Is Community Paramedicine Feasible for a Public Fire Department?
  • Joint Terrorism Task Force Teams
  • What Happens When Technology Meets Public Safety?


  • Economic Incentives of Residential Sprinklers for Homeowners
  • Improving EMS and Fire Services
  • Theatre Fires
  • Time to Evacuate
  • Petroleum Terminal Vulnerability
  • Prevalence of Off-Duty Smoking Prohibition Policies Among Wisconsin Career Fire Departments


  • The Disaster Next Door
  • Fire Based EMS
  • Improving Public Education in Ontario
  • Post Osama bin Laden World—What Does it Really Mean?
  • Residential Fire Sprinklers
  • Social Media & Internet Usage


  • Arson: A Growing Problem
  • The Charleston Sofa Super Store Tragedy
  • Cost and Benefit Considerations of a Residential Sprinkler Ordinance in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • Preparedness for Uncertain Conditions
  • Regionalism for the Fire Service in Cuyahoga County Ohio


  • NIOSH Investigations; What happens after the fact?
  • Firefighter Fitness & Program Implementation
  • The Use of Polygraph in the Fire Service


  • Analytical Approaches to Public Fire Protection
  • Independent Medical Exams of Recruits and Current Firefighters Before Training
  • Is Overtime Creating Dangers for Firefighters and the Public?
  • Managing Our Risk at Fires
  • The Station Nightclub Fire
  • Managing Our Risk at Fires


  • Crossing the Line: Providing Emergency Services in Indiana
  • Firefighter Safety and the Modern Vehicle
  • Fire Fighter Safety During Extreme Hot Weather
  • Improved Prevention of Firefighter Cancer
  • Legal Liability Issues of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Personal Health & Legal Ramifications
  • Personnel Management For The Fire Service
  • Use of Contacts for Corrective Vision by Firefighters
  • Seat Belt Use (Ariza)
  • Smoking Material Fire Problem Illustrated
  • Roadway Safety for Firefighters
  • Water Rescue for America's Firefighters


  • Ohio Residency
  • Standard Operations Guideline on Electrical Safety


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