About Biomedical Engineering

With a full medical campus and eleven hospitals within a five-mile radius of our uptown campus, the University of Cincinnati provides its students with the resources to make significant contribution engineering and medicine.

Our nationally ranked co-op program gives biomedical engineering students real-world experience at medical centers and research and engineering firms across the country and around the world. Our ongoing research pursues advancements in many fields, including regenerative medicine, medical imaging, medical device innovation, and bioinformatics. Working with industry co-op partners like AtriCure Boston Scientific, and Johnson and Johnson Medical Center, UC students create innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing medical problems.

Our graduates choose from a diverse range of careers, employers and work environments. Biomedical engineers can work in the medical product industry creating new designs, in hospitals providing advice on the selection and use of medical equipment, in research institutions and laboratories, in universities teaching and conducting research, in government and law performing product tests and establishing safety standards for medical devices and instrumentation, and in business serving as technical advisers for marketing departments of companies.