Student Activities

Student organizations based in the Aerospace Department allow students to socialize and learn by participating in hands-on activities outside of the classroom.

UC CubeCats

The UC CubeCats is a student organization at the University of Cincinnati dedicated to the education of its members through the development and launch of CubeSats (small, standardized satellites built by universities all across the world). The UC CubeCats are currently working on three separate CubeSat missions, with their first mission looking to launch in the 2019-2020 timeframe. The UC CubeCats have also developed a High Altitude Balloon Educational Program for new members that aims to give Freshman experience in space systems engineering before jumping onto the CubeSat program.


AeroCats 2015 Student Team

Congratulations students for another successful year at the SAE Aero Design East Competition.

Our Regular Class team received a 1st place oral presentation, 2nd place maximum payload, 5th place design report, and 1st place overall. Regular class is the most competitive class at the competition, so winning 1st overall is the highest achievement possible at the competition!

This year’s team would not have had as much success if it weren’t for the advisor, Adjunct Professor Mark Fellows, and pilot, Santiago Panzardi.

If you are interested in joining the AeroCats, please contact Professor Mark Turner at 513-556-3222 or

AeroCats is an AIC group that designs, builds, and competes RC airplanes at the SAE International Aero Design Competition. The 2015 competition was from March 13-15 in Lakeland, FL. Our team designed one aircraft and competed in the SAE regular class competition. This class is the most competitive class in SAE Aero Design. The plane had to be electric, and its total weight with payload had to be less than 55lb. It also had to have a length, width, and height sum of less than 175 inches. Teams were judged on flight performance, design reports, and an oral presentation.

AeroCats is comprised of mostly Aerospace Engineering students, but is open to any student interested in joining. This year’s team agrees that anyone in engineering, especially younger Aerospace students, should join AeroCats as soon as possible to get the most out of their education and college career.

UC Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

UC SEDS is the campus chapter of an international organization dedicated to the studies of space exploration and development. This chapter was formed by three aerospace seniors. Participation in the club allows you to take part in a yearly competition to design, build, and fly a team spacecraft. In past years the team took home first place in the competition at Culpeper, Virginia in the design and launch of a rocket.

For more information in joining the Spacecraft/Rocket Desgin team, contact Professor Kelly Cohen at 513-556-3523 or

UC Rocket Team

UC Rocket team takes home first place at the 2015 Battle of the Rockets Planetary Rover Competition.

AeroCats 2014 Student Team

Congratulations students for another successful year at the SAE Aero Design East Competition.

Our Regular Class received a 1st place oral presentation (thanks to Adjunct Professor Tom Black for guidance), 4th place maximum payload, 4th place design report, and 5th place overall!  

Advanced Team also received 1st place presentation, 3rd place report, 2nd closest to target, and 2nd overall!