• OCMI

    OCMI Facility

    General View of the OCMI facility   Read More

  • Main Entrance

    Main Entrance

    Main entrance area   Read More

  • Conference room

    Conference Room

    Conference room with multimedia facilities   Read More

  • Visitor area

    Visitor Area

    Area for industrial users and visitors equipped with computers and internet access.   Read More

  • Equipment 1

    Equipment 1

    Bruker ContourGT-K1 3D Optical Microscope, Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph/mass selective detector (GC/MSD), and Teledyne Tekmar AQUATek 100 Waters-only Autosampler.   Read More

  • Equipment 2

    Equipment 2

    First Ten Angstroms 1000 B Drop Shape Instrument, Olympus IX81-ZDC2 Focus Drift Compensating Inverted Microscope, and La Vision Micro Particle Image Velocimetry.   Read More

  • Equipment 3

    Equipment 3

    EVG 620 Mask Aligner and Suss RCD8 Gen 3 Spin Coater   Read More

  • Equipment 4

    Equipment 4

    Dymax 39060 UV Light-Curing Conveyor, Western Magnum XRL-120 Hot Roll Laminator, and Yasui Seiki Tabletop Mini-Labo™ Coater   Read More

The Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation

The Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation (OCMI) at the University of Cincinnati was created by the Ohio 3rd Frontier Wright Projects Program ($5.9M), and has the mission of seeding a new industrial cluster in southwest Ohio for commercializing technologies that manipulate tiny amounts of fluids inside polymer-microchips.  OCMI provides industrial user access, along with a setting to collaborate with the University of Cincinnati's internationally recognized microfluidics scientists.  OCMI provides the complete tool set needed to take microfluidic devices from concept, to pilot fabrication, all the way through industry standard characterization and performance specification.


1) OCMI Science & Technology 2)Industrial Applications

“In the maturing science of microfluidics, it's apparent that small things can make a big impact in the medical, mobile, environmental and other industries… University of Cincinnati is poised to become a leader in developing a myriad of better, faster, more precise products and manufacturing processes through the new Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation.”
                                                                         --Hi Velocity

"The center... bustles with faculty and students working alongside industry partners to develop products that can be applied within biomedical, electronics and sensor industries."
                                                                       --Cincinnati Enquirer