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Visit GetInvolvedUC for IECE’s events calendar. 

Work in the IECE office

We hire students to support the work of IECE each year. Reach out to us if you are interested in applying! 

Headshot of Whitney Gaskins

Whitney Gaskins

Associate Dean

(513) 556-5898

Headshot of Kelsi Goins

Kelsi Goins

Executive Director

Headshot of Paula Lampley

Paula Lampley

Program Director

(513) 910-6066

Headshot of Blaire Bartish

Blaire Bartish

Program Manager


Headshot of Don Wittrock

Don Wittrock

Program Manager

(513) 556-5341

Headshot of Paul Feldkamp

Paul Feldkamp

Program Coordinator

Headshot of Andrea Talbott

Andrea Talbott

Program Coordinator

Headshot of Kyle Turner

Kyle Turner

Program Coordinator

Headshot of Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson

Executive Assistant