Headshot of Whitney Gaskins, Ph.D. CDP

Whitney Gaskins, Ph.D. CDP

Assistant Dean, Office of Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement

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(513) 556-5898

Headshot of Dewey Clark, M.Ed.

Dewey Clark, M.Ed.

Program Manager, Choose Ohio First Program

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(513) 556-8922

Headshot of Ashantia Collins

Ashantia Collins

Program Coordinator Summer Bridge Program and Special Events

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Headshot of Paula Lampley

Paula Lampley

Women in Engineering Program Director

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Headshot of Ken Simonson

Ken Simonson

Yield & Recruitment

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Headshot of C.J. Witherspoon, M.Ed.

C.J. Witherspoon, M.Ed.

Assistant Director-Retention & Strategic Initiatives, Inclusive Excellence & Strategic Retention

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Headshot of Donald Wittrock, M.Ed.

Donald Wittrock, M.Ed.

Program Coordinator, Community Engagement

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(513) 556-5341