Headshot of Whitney Gaskins, Ph.D. CDP

Whitney Gaskins, Ph.D. CDP

Assistant Dean, Office of Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement

610D Old Chem

(513) 556-5898

Headshot of Krizia L. Cabrera-Toro

Krizia L. Cabrera-Toro

Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives

(513) 556-7697

Headshot of Paul Feldkamp

Paul Feldkamp

Program Coordinator of Outreach and Community Engagement

Headshot of Paula Lampley

Paula Lampley

Women in Engineering Program Director

610F Old Chem

(513) 910-6066

Headshot of Brother Abdine Lewis

Brother Abdine Lewis

Program Coordinator, GE Next Engineers

Headshot of Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams

Executive Staff Assistant

(513) 556-5199

Headshot of Donald Wittrock, M.Ed.

Donald Wittrock, M.Ed.

Program Manager, Special Grant Funded Projects

610A Old Chem

(513) 556-5341