Office of Research

"Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind."
-Marston Bates


Dean Lim

Research is a major component of life within the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The conduct of research is essential to educate both graduate and undergraduate students with up-to-date science and engineering technology, and to keep the faculty at the cutting edge of their fields.

Research activity in the College of Engineering and Applied Science is significant and growing rapidly. Research expenditures in the College are in excess of $20 million per year and increase at about 10 percent rate annually. A list of current research projects shows over 500 funded research awards in progress in the College.

Many of these research projects are carried out under the direction of an individual faculty member, but more often now they are conducted in an interdisciplinary fashion by a team of researchers. These may be ad hoc groups or may be part of a center or institute. Most of these centers cross departmental, college or even university lines.

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Teik C. Lim, PhD, PE, Fellow(ASME,SAE)
Dean of College of Engineering and Applied Science
Phone: (513) 556 - 2933
fax: (513) 556 - 3626
email: teik.lim@uc.edu