Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?  

To officially pursue an Associate's or Bachelor's degree at the University of Cincinnati, fill out an admissions apppication

Can I transfer previous college credit to this fire science degree? 

Yes. Students wishing to transfer any post-secondary education (collegiate) credits to our degree must first send official college transcripts to the Admissions office for approval. We also accept certain courses taken through the National Fire Academy at Emmitsburg, MD that have been evaluated by the ACE guidelines. A minimum of 60 credits must be taken for credit at the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Once you are accepted as a degree-seeking student you must submit course descriptions to the appropriate Department Head before you can take classes at other institutions.

Do I need to matriculate before I register for classes? 

No. You may begin taking classes before you officially declare a major with the university but due to new university policy, students should matriculate (become degree-seeking students) so that they will receive in-state tuition. We strongly suggest that you matriculate into our degree program within the first six months after beginning classes, since degree requirements are subject to change.

How do I register for a course? 

All students register online. If you are a first time student, or have not taken classes in a while, please call the OLFS Office at (513) 556-6583 first to receive all necessary paperwork.

How do I obtain my course materials? 

When you register for a course, your assignments will be sent to you by your instructor or they will be on Blackboard. You will also be required to purchase the textbook(s) and course guide for your courses through MBS Books, a centralized distribution center. To order your book(s), call MBS at 1-800-325-3252, give them the number of the course you are taking, and they will send you the required textbook(s). You may also order textbooks online.

How do I take my final exams?

To maintain the integrity of the program, final exams for each course are sent to a proctor of your choice. Visit the Testing Services website and fill out the proctor form, requesting the name, title, and address of your proctor. Simply fill out this form, send one to your instructor and one back to our office with your second assignment, and your instructor will send your final exam to the proctor. You will then schedule a time with your proctor to take the exam, and they will return the test to us.

Who qualifies to serve as proctors? 

Qualified proctors are: faculty members of a university or school system, clergymen, city officials, librarians, or similar professionals. To maintain integrity of the program, we do not permit fire chiefs and training officers within the fire department to serve as proctors.

What types of assignments are given for distance learning courses?

For most of our distance learning courses, you will be required to complete three assignments. Each assignment contains several essay questions that are based on the assigned readings from your textbook(s) or Course Guide or additional web research. You will also be required to take a final exam or complete a final project which will be sent to a proctor of your choice.

What is the tuition per credit hour?

Current tuition rates and fees are regularly updated by the Bursar and subject to change.

Most Fire Science courses are 3 credit hour classes.

  • Students enrolled full-time are charged at a flat rate (for most students, 12 to 18 hours) plus a per credit hour rate for any enrolled hours in overload status. Charges for hours in overload are subject to the refund policy.
  • Part-time students are charged on a per credit-hour basis (exception are noted).

Is financial aid available? Who do I contact for financial aid?

Yes, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

How do Residency Workshops fit into my degree program? 

While our residencies are strictly voluntary, these accelerated classes are designed so that students may complete a three-credit hour course in five full days. Students complete the same readings and assignments as you would for a regular 14-week distance-learning course. Many of our students have found that this is an excellent way to accelerate the completion of their degree while having an opportunity to network with other fire professionals throughout the country.

Do your courses focus on training firefighters? 

No, we are not a training program. Our courses are focused for company level and chief officer level in the fire service. Most of our students are currently firefighters seeking advancement or promotional opportunities within the fire service or are preparing for life after the fire service.

What is the best way to contact the Fire Science Office? 

  • Larry Bennett - Program Chair, Fire Science & Emergency Management
    Cell: 513-470 2744

  • Fax Number: (513) 556-4856