Forms for CEAS Graduate Students

General Forms

* UGS Graduate Student Guidelines
UGS Graduate Student Guidelines
* Approval Form for Courses Outside of CEAS
Form to gain approval for taking any courses outside of the College of Engineering & Applied Science.
* CEAS Program of Study Form
Required form indicating a graduate student's intended program of study

International students should use our new on line portal iEngineering eForms to submit any of the below listed requests for College approvals.

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • I-20 / DS-2019 Extension
  • OPT Requests (Pre, Post and STEM Extensions)
  • Reduced Course Load (for Academic Reasons)
  • Reduced Course Load (for Medical Reasons)
  • Letter requests
* iEngineering_eForms_2015.pdf
Instructions for iEngineering eForms

PhD Proposal Forms/Admission to Candidacy Forms

Graduate Certificate Program of Study Forms

GSGA Travel Funds

Travel Authorization Form - Must be completed 2 weeks prior to travel.

Complete after travel and submit to 665 Baldwin Hall with a travel envelope - A113 which is available in 665 Baldwin Hall.

Masters of Engineering (MENG) Forms

* MEng Program of Study (Semesters)
MEng program of study form for semester-based terms
* MEng Capstone Approval Form
2012 MEng Program Approval form.
* MEng_Handbook_2017.pdf
Master of Engineering Graduate Student Handbook

Graduation Forms

* Plagiarism Pledge Form
All Graduate students must have one of these signed and turned in to the graduate office.
* CEAS Defense Form
Must be filled out and turned in during or after a student's thesis defense or proposal
* MS Defense Accouncement
Announcement for Masters defense. This form must be submitted 1 week prior to a Masters thesis defense.
* PhD Defense Accouncement
Announcement for PhD defense. This form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to a Doctoral thesis defense.

School - Specific Forms

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

* Practical Experience Options
Document describing options for the Practical Experience requirement that EE, CS, and CompE graduate students must complete.
* Practical Experience Student Agreement
This form must be signed and submitted to the graduate office indicating that the Practical Experience policies are understood and agreed to.
* Practical Experience Pre-Approval Form
This form must be completed and turned in to the graduate office in order to get approval for intended Practical Experience work