Beam structural testing at the large scale testing facility


The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management (CAECM) encompasses the conception, design and construction of the built environment. Each discipline contributes. Architectural Engineers develop building concepts and systems. Civil Engineers design the structures, support systems and accesses. Construction Managers implement the designs and organize construction.

CAECM, in conjunction with our co-op partners, offers students the opportunity to work with local, national, and international businesses over the course of their education. This experience translates into the development of employable skills and further understanding of the principles learned in the classroom as they are applied to real world situations.

CACEM faculty are active in professional societies and standards bodies, giving students the opportunity to learn about cutting edge developments in practice.CAECM faculty  are also active in research. Faculty research translates into available jobs and support for graduate and undergraduate students as well as ensuring that curriculum is maintained at the state of the art.

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Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineers focus on conceptualizing buildings and their integrated infrastructure, such as plumbing, electrical and air handling systems. Design efforts may also focus on how buildings use energy and how to optimize construction of the building.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design the infrastructure necessary to support civilization. Civil engineers are responsible for designing structures (buildings, bridges, etc.), Assessing the capability of soil to support those structures, managing water resources, designing transportation infrastructure (roads, traffic signals, etc.), and ensuring their designs are constructible.

Constuction Management

Construction managers are in charge of the actual construction process from determinations of how to construct a given structure, to managing the construction process and managing the business aspects specific to construction.